This early morning, my BFF Raisa Rahardjo a.k.a Echa wrote 3 of her happiness things then tagged and challenge me to do the same for 3 consecutive days. So here we go:
1. I’m grateful that Echa still considers me as her “extraordinary BFF” even after I innocently forgot her birthday on 9th this month! (well maybe because I’m way too “extraordinary”, haha..) Happy belated birthday, my dear thoughtful and inspirational Sista! You’re one of the too-good-to-be-true things that really happen in my life.

2. I thank God for giving me a healthy and fantastic son Gavriel Colaiuta Prastya a.k.a Elco. He is the best lesson yet the most valuable treasure I ever had. As perfectly told by Edwin Hubbell Chapin: “No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love.”

3. I’m happy knowing even in my bulby shape I still look gorgeous and interesting to be with. Still working on getting back my proportional curvy body, but to be assured that my personality is the greatest charm really makes me appreciate my self even more. Thanks to you, Admirers! (OK, stop talking before this gratitude become an annoying narcissism. LOL)

I nominate my one and only bridesmaid Aivi Christine ; the one who I dumbly never contacted for a long time just because I don’t know what interesting topic to talk that deserves a piece of time from her busy worklife, but I do miss her sassy yet caring attitude Agnes Widiawati ; and of course, my sweet and lovely mood swinger baby Andri Dwiwidayanto who sometimes makes me want to bite him like a marshmallow!

All nominees, I challenge you to write at least 3 happy things or your gratitude in each day of 3 consecutive days then nominate others to write.

I personally will do this every day on my blog at (a quite forgotten blog by the owner, so hopefully filling it with positive things encourages me to be more productive in writing!)

NB: Boleh tulis pakai Bahasa Indonesia kok. Ini daku pakai Bahasa Inggris biar gaya aja, hehehe…

Have a blessed day!

Above as written on my Facebook. Thanks to Echa, now I know have no reason for saying “I have no good idea what to share on my blog.”

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